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It is often difficult to know exactly how much you should be charging your customers for your product or service. With our simple and effective Price Consulting service, we can show you how to identify a pricing strategy that is right for you and your business.

Know your numbers

As an accountancy and advisory practice, numbers are at the core of our profession. Let us show you how to better understand your sales, revenue, and profit margin, and make those numbers work best for you.

  • Analyse your business model, understand different price points, and identify a pricing strategy that will maximise your profits.
  • Learn how to present your price in a way that is appealing, attracts more customers, and makes your price appear smaller using simple psychology.

Transform your business

In addition to changing the way you view your business metrics, we also help you get the best possible financial performance out of your operations by offering new solutions to improve your cash flow, increase your market share, and market your services effectively.

  • Learn how to offer sales and discounts effectively, without compromising your bottom line.
  • Build in payment structures to keep your income regular and save time chasing debtors.
  • Improve customer relations by involving them in your pricing process while maximising profit and conversion.
Consultancy services

Our qualified Chartered Management Accountants have worked for many different businesses including PLCs, national privately-owned and not-for-profit organisations, and leading accountancy practices.

With over 25 years of experience, we offer a range of project-specific consultancy options, as well as commercial and business planning advice.